Perfect Party Makeup – Look Gorgeous Feel Stunning


Going for a special cocktail party? From a glamorous smoky eye to a red carpet glow feel confident in knowing that not only will you look and feel amazing but your makeup will last the whole night through.
1. Makeup for Guests at Cocktail /Reception Parties

1. Makeup for Guests at Cocktail /Reception Parties

Themes: Opt for a super simple, you should were a charcoal strapless gown. Follow the glamorous winter fashion trends and play with high-impact makeup for evening but only ever focus on a strong lip OR a strong eye application, but never both at once!

Shades: We can all agree that red is a gorgeous color for a bridesmaid dress (kudos to the bride for an impressive color motif). It is dramatic and eye-catching—but for some, it can also be a difficult color to pull off. Red translates to power and confidence, which can be
intimidating to wear. Definitely not for shy wallflowers, as it requires its wearer to be bold and beautiful (again, confidence is key). Needless to say, your makeup and hair should perfectly complement your dress.


Not many of us realize that wearing red requires a new set of makeup rules. You see, red can change the tone of our skin, making it appear pallid or washed out. The color’s shade and undertone can give darker skin a grayish cast.

The solution to this is simple: Add a healthy dose of color to your cheeks and lips, or create a contrast by defining your eyes. Now, if you’re not quite sure whether you’ve applied too much or too little makeup, simply wear your red dress. Right away, you’ll see how your dress changes your skin tone, and you can adjust your makeup accordingly.

Before you decide on your makeup look, remember the tried-and-tested makeup rule: Focus on one feature at a time. This will help you avoid creating a look that’s clownish or overdone. As obvious as this tip is, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to go overboard with makeup when you’re wearing red.

2. Makeup for Christmas /New Year Parties

Planning your New Year’s Eve party look or Christmas party Eve look? Get some hair and make-up inspiration from our top 100 party-perfect looks. Have you decided how you’re going to look all ‘Glam’ this Christmas, or are you still confused about how to do your makeup?

Thick Brows: Enhance your brows and make them look bold. You can use the Colossal Kajal to thicken your brows and arch them at the same time. If your brows are slightly brown in color, you can use the Vivid and Smooth Eye Liner in Bordeaux Pearl to enhance them.

Colored Eye Liner: Embrace the Christmas spirit and line your lash line with the HyperGlossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner in Khaki Green, since green is one of the main Christmas colors. If you love sporting bold looks, then this is the perfect eye makeup idea, we say.

Dramatic Lashes: You can never go wrong with long, gorgeous lashes. Hence, spruce up your lashes by using Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara on your upper lashes. It’s always better to wear it only on your upper lashes, since if sometimes, your eyes can end up looking smaller if you apply it on your lower lashes.

Eye Shadow: For the eye shadow, shades of brown are a good idea. You can use the Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quad in Copper Brown on your lids. Gold eye shadow is also a great idea. You can use the Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Bold Gold on your lids. Another option is to wear pink eye shadow. You can use shades from the Diamond Glow Eye Shadow in Wine Pink.

Lip Color: Bright red lips, neon pink lips or electric orange lips are sure to look ‘Glam’. The party is your chance to put your boldest and brightest look forward. You can use the Superstay Long Lasting Lipstick in Non-Stop Red or Infinitely Fuschia or the Bold Matte in any of the neon shades.

Lip Gloss: You can also wear glossy lips. Pick your glossy shade from the Color Sensational High Shine Gloss range.

Cat Eyes: Using the HyperSharp Liner, you can create a cat eye effect on your upper lash line.

Smoky eyes: Use the Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quad in Grey Brown and the Colossal Kajal to create this effect.

Changing Color can Change Your Aura- Khushboo Mishra (Expert Advice)

Colors just not are the eye catcher but also they are the one that can perk up all of your senses. Let us talk about rainbow, how it feels when you see a rainbow! Of course it feels tremendously good when one sees lots of colors on the blue sky. Every shade of the rainbow is capable of inspiring a particular emotional response, and certain colors are even thought to heal and energize those who wear them.

The question is why we are discussing these things? So here goes your answer, your favorite makeup shades might actually help keep you healthy and balanced, and changing up your look just might influence your aura and energy level. We have described when one can have which color that’ll make them feel more energetic and look fabulous.

Red: Power

The color represents well-being, power, and stability, and wearing red is thought to increase energy and passion, as well as personal acceptance.

Tip: When you’re in need of a confidence boost!


Orange: Creativity

This optimistic color inspires imagination and creative energy. Put on some orange, and it just might help you stop procrastinating and spark motivation.

Tip: When you’re feeling antsy about a big project.

Yellow: Clarity

This sunny color promotes clarity and instinct. It’s the color you want when you just need to trust your gut.

Tip:  When you’re groggy or indecisive about any decision, big or small

Green: Balance

Green is the ruler of all mushy thoughts. It can make you feel relaxed.

Tip: When you want to shoot a friendly gaze to everyone you meet


Blue: Expression

Blue is to help inspire clear communication and drum up patience.

Tip: When you’ve been dealing with stress at work, or are dreading a major presentation or important interview


Indigo: Imagination

This uncommon purple-blue promotes hopes and dreams and keeps you thinking big. It’s the color of imagination!

Tip: When you’re feeling bored or need a dose of inspiration


Violet: Unity

It’s a unifying color that balances you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of whack.

Tip: When you want to keep your energy in check.


For more details visit: – Color can Change Your Aura

Be Gorgeous At 50 !!!


Do you want to know how to look great, all the time, at any age, any time? Follow these fail-safe age-defying tips and tricks to always looking your best.

The best age-defying skin secret is to protect your skin from the sun and harmful free radicals. Always cleanse your skin morning and night to wash away environmental aggressors that cause wrinkles. Never leave the house without applying SPF 30+ and give your skin a shot of moisture morning and night with nourishing creams.

Hands are the biggest giveaway of your age. It is imperative that you protect your hands as well as your face from harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Try laser skin rejuvenation techniques from specialists [Khushboo Mishra]. Khushboo Mishra’s Skin Rejuvenation treatments have proven results on repairing the dermal layer of the skin, increasing collagen in the fibroblast cells within the skin. After just four skin rejuvenation treatments you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin.

Benefits include, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, decrease in pore size, a brightening appearance of the skin’s colour giving a radiant complexion, evenness of skin texture, plus it also works wonders on lightening discolouration caused by years of sun exposure.

Tasteful make-up
The first tips to wearing tasteful, age-appropriate make-up is to never wear glitter, bright eye shadows, candy-coloured nail polish and lipstick hues that are made for under-20s. Don’t pack on thick foundation to fill wrinkles. Wear an age-defying foundation that works to help conceal fine lines, energise and radiate the skin. We love Revlon’s Age Defying Spa Foundation. It comes with an easy-to-use brush for application and is infused with antioxidants and vitamin C to revitalise the skin.

Coating your lashes in mascara is always a must as it helps to open and brighten up your eyes. Applying a smart lips shade; red, a deep plum or (in summer) soft pinks are failsafe options. Just remember to always line your lips first with pencil to avoid lipstick bleeding into fine lines around your mouth. A hint of bronzer or blush also still gets an ageless beauty nod.

Avoid being accused of being “mutton dressed as lamb” by keeping your wardrobe elegant and age appropriate. Here are a few rules to stick too. Sky-high miniskirts, mid-riffs and hotpants are out over the age of 30, stripper high-heels, frills and bows are a no-go after 40 and over-50s should trade in leathers, plunging necklines and backless dresses. Wear sophisticated pieces with clean lines; think tailored pants, below-the-knee skirts, suit jackets and add in splashes of colour with prints and tasteful hues. Arm yourself with a serious carryall to attract all the attention.

There’s a certain point in our lives when hair just decides it doesn’t want to be long and lustrous anymore it gives up on us before we’re ready. When this starts to happen it’s time to chop off your locks. Short hair can actually be more flattering. Try Khushboo Mishra’s Hair Do Tips.

Hair colour
Don’t panic when flecks of silver start to shine through on your head. Colour works wonders on covering greys, you just have to be smart about choosing the right hue to help turn back the clock. Don’t go for a Vivienne Westwood-style flame-coloured mane, instead opt for highlights to help mask grey hair or go a darker shade. Just remember to always upkeep your roots.

Why Hire a Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day


Your wedding day is coming up and you are wondering if you should hire a bridal makeup artist. You have found your dream dress and the shoes and accessories that go with it. You spent months planning your bridesmaid’s outfits and all the details concerning the ceremony and reception. Do you really want to spend the extra money to employ a professional wedding makeup artist?

Hiring a makup artist to apply your wedding day makeup will help complete your look. You spent a lot of time picking out the perfect dress and accessories. Bridal makeup artists are trained to not only find colours that look good on you, but to find a look that compliments the style of your wedding dress. If your dress is romantic, for example, you may opt for a softer look. If your dress is modern or unconventional, you’ll probably want a bridal makeup style that will fit the same description.

Makeup artists also understand how different factors can affect your look such as lighting and how you appear in photographs. How many times have you seen pictures of brides whose makeup didn’t look quite right? Maybe they had dark spots under their eyes, or their skin tone looked uneven. Chances are, the person who did their bridal makeup didn’t understand how the colours they chose would come out on film. A trained bridal makeup artist takes these factors into account.

Professionals also help you save time in the morning. On your wedding day, you may be excited, emotional, or too nervous to apply your own makeup. Having a professional makeup artist apply your wedding makeup is a good time for the bride to relax. Makeup artists also use professional products and techniques that will help your makeup stay fresh and beautiful throughout your special day.

There are several advantages to hiring a bridal makeup artist for your wedding day. They will create a polished look that will compliment the style of your dress and your personal taste. Professional makeup artists understand how things like lighting and photography affect your makeup and will choose products and techniques that will enhance your bridal beauty. Also, they help eliminate stress and help you achieve the appropriate bridal makeup for your wedding ceremony. In addition their techniques create a look that will stay fresh and last throughout the day and evening.

How to Get Flawless Makeup InLess Than 10 Minutes

Go from PJs to polished in under 10 by doing the bare minimum at home — and adding a few discreet touches at work.



These products go on fast, require zero precision, and work their magic during your commute.

Quench skin. You know how you crave water in the a.m.? Your skin’s desperate for a drink too — especially if you skimped on sleep, which leaves skin parched.

Look alive. Rehydrate dry, bloodshot eyes with drops before bringing potentially irritating eye makeup anywhere near them.

Wake up your face. “Liquid foundation reverses the look of tired skin almost instantly,” says makeup artist Troy Jensen. Dot it in the center of your face, and blend outward.

Perk up with peach. Coral blush masks dullness, says Jensen. Cream formulas melt into foundation and can be dabbed on as you brush your teeth.

Work with bedhead. “Mist hair with texturizing spray, and throw it into a side braid,” says NYC hairstylist Greg Cassese. It looks good in public and sets the scene for a more stylish, work-appropriate look later.

A little detailing — done right at your desk — and you’re ready to shine at your 10 a.m. staff meeting.

Add dimension. Pat creamy highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones and lids. It attracts light, hiding dullness and shadows. (Bonus: Cheekbones look higher without a lot of effort.)

Keep it simple and smudgy. Double-ended shadow liners let you create subtle (read: easy) definition with a pencil or shadow-filled sponge tip. Finish with mascara.

Bring out the balm. Busy mornings are all about tinted lip balms — they are quick and comforting and require less precision than lipstick.

Finish your style. Undo the braid, tousle texture with your fingers, and blast roots with dry shampoo for extra volume.

Scent yourself. Keep a fresh, work-friendly fragrance at your desk for days (like this!) when perfuming yourself at home is the last thing on your mind.