Changing Color can Change Your Aura- Khushboo Mishra (Expert Advice)

Colors just not are the eye catcher but also they are the one that can perk up all of your senses. Let us talk about rainbow, how it feels when you see a rainbow! Of course it feels tremendously good when one sees lots of colors on the blue sky. Every shade of the rainbow is capable of inspiring a particular emotional response, and certain colors are even thought to heal and energize those who wear them.

The question is why we are discussing these things? So here goes your answer, your favorite makeup shades might actually help keep you healthy and balanced, and changing up your look just might influence your aura and energy level. We have described when one can have which color that’ll make them feel more energetic and look fabulous.

Red: Power

The color represents well-being, power, and stability, and wearing red is thought to increase energy and passion, as well as personal acceptance.

Tip: When you’re in need of a confidence boost!


Orange: Creativity

This optimistic color inspires imagination and creative energy. Put on some orange, and it just might help you stop procrastinating and spark motivation.

Tip: When you’re feeling antsy about a big project.

Yellow: Clarity

This sunny color promotes clarity and instinct. It’s the color you want when you just need to trust your gut.

Tip:  When you’re groggy or indecisive about any decision, big or small

Green: Balance

Green is the ruler of all mushy thoughts. It can make you feel relaxed.

Tip: When you want to shoot a friendly gaze to everyone you meet


Blue: Expression

Blue is to help inspire clear communication and drum up patience.

Tip: When you’ve been dealing with stress at work, or are dreading a major presentation or important interview


Indigo: Imagination

This uncommon purple-blue promotes hopes and dreams and keeps you thinking big. It’s the color of imagination!

Tip: When you’re feeling bored or need a dose of inspiration


Violet: Unity

It’s a unifying color that balances you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of whack.

Tip: When you want to keep your energy in check.


For more details visit: – Color can Change Your Aura


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